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Du policininkai važiuoja patruliuoti, vairuotojas antram sako:
- Išlįsk pro langą ir pažiūrėk, ar švyturėliai veikia.
Šis išlenda ir sako:
- Veikia... neveikia... veikia... neveikia...


Aš:„Siūlau rengti lenktynės nuo senųjų kapinių iki naujųjų. Kryptis priklauso nuo pasirinkimo, kur nori būti palaidotas."


Ką manote apie nacionalinės valiutos – lito – atsisakymą. Štai komentatorius „jo“ pareiškė: „Įsiminkite šią datą - 2015-01-01, diena kai patys atidaveme nepriklausomybę.“, o „Anykštėnas“ jam atkirto: „O jūs nepriklausomybę įsivaizduojat tik kaip valiutos pavadinimą? Tada jūs vargšai su siauru mąstymu. Aš jau senai grynais beveik nesinaudoju ir kokia valiuta tie pinigai guli plastikinėje kortelėje, man dzin. Nepraeis nei 10 metų ir apie popierėlius piniginėje aplamai visi pamirš.“

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  • Weng

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  • Jen

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  • Donna


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  • Mike


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  • Barbara

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  • Jesse

    Nuoroda Every person whose gender I was not able to identify, may be under 5-7. Height had nothing to undertake with the house. Its what kind of face, hairstyle, clothing and body shape an individual. At an office I would work at was duty.I just couldnt tell the gender It was middle-aged together very short grey hair, glasses, no makeup, a homely face, a lumpy overweight body, and wore baggy shirts hanging out of a pair of jeans. I later learned Its name Loretta. She stood several inches shorter than me, and i am 5-8.

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  • Renae

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  • Alison

    Nuoroda There several urban myths about mentoring that will need to be allayed. The major one is, You wish to have grey hair to thought of as a mentor. Bollocks! The crucial to being an effective mentor is the ability to impart your knowledge, wisdom and experience to the mentee.

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  • Jamie

    Nuoroda Juice fast is also one of the effective home treatments for varicose veins. All require only a few to do is consume juice for four to days without having any other meal. Obtained in this period take warm water enema may help in cleansing the bowels and tend to prevent sexual intercourse. After your juice fast is finished try to stay to a strict eating routine. For breakfasts drink orange or lemon juice, for supper consume salads with olive oil and lemon juice, as well as dinner have steamed vegetables like cabbage, spinach, cauliflowers, carrots and turnip. Remember not for you to any starchy food with regard to example potatoes and bread.

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  • yhlzxlcdsop

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